The event of a price movement that approaches a support level or a resistance level established earlier by the market. A test is passed if prices do not go below the support or resistance level, and the test is failed if prices go on to new lows or highs. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. test test 2 verb
1. [transitive] to ask someone spoken or written questions, or make them do a practical activity, to find out how much they know about something or how well they can do something:

• We will be testing your knowledge of computers.

test somebody on something

• Candidates were tested on their typing skills.

2. [transitive] to use something for a short time to see if it works properly:

• The software has not been fully tested.

test something on somebody

• The new drug has not been tested on humans.

3. [intransitive, transitive] to examine a substance in order to find out something about it, for example whether it contains something:
test something for something

• We test the ore samples for quality.

test for something

• They are currently testing for oil at the site.

test somebody for something

• Employees can be randomly tested for drugs.

  [m0] II. test test 1 [test] noun [countable]
1. a set of questions, exercises, or practical activities to measure someone's skill, ability, or knowledge
ˈaptitude test HUMAN RESOURCES
a test to find out if you have the necessary skills to do a particular job or activity:

• After the interview you will be asked to take an aptitude test.

emotional quotient test; a test that employers give to possible future Employees to find out if they have the character, creativity (= ability to produce new ideas), and social skills necessary to be good at their jobs
IˈQ test
intelligence quotient test; a test to measure a person's level of intelligence, with 100 being the average result. The test consists of problems related to letters, numbers, and shapes
ˌpsychological ˈtest HUMAN RESOURCES
a test to find out if someone has the right character and attitudes for a job :

• Employers use psychological tests to screen out potentially violent applicants.

ˌpsychometric ˈtest HUMAN RESOURCES
a scientifically-based test that measures someone's ability and their thinking skills, and also their personality and attitudes, in order to find out if they are suitable for a job:

• The two main types of psychometric tests used are personality questionnaires and aptitude tests.

2. a process used to find out whether something is of the right quality or works correctly, or to find out whether it contains a particular substance:

• nuclear weapons tests

psychometric test for

• a test for chemicals in the water

\add at sense 2 a test of software in order to find out if it works properly, done by the company that is writing the software
— alpha-test verb [transitive] :

• The CD ROM is currently being alpha-tested.

a test of software in which it is given to customers to use, so that any problems will be found
— beta-test verb [transitive] :

• The games are all beta-tested by a representative sample of gamers before release.

ˈblind test
MARKETING a way of testing a product in which people are asked to try the product and give their opinion about it without telling them the product's name:

• In a blind test, 58% of those tested preferred butter to margarine.

ˈfield test
a test on a new piece of equipment done in the place where it is to be used rather than in a Laboratory, factory etc; = FIELD TRIAL
ˈhall test MARKETING
a type of market research in which a group of consumers are asked what they think of specific products, advertisements etc:

• We got paid $35 an hour to participate in a hall test this weekend.

ˌliquid ˈratio test
FINANCE another name for acid ratio
ˈmarket test MARKETING
a test in which a new product is made available in one area in order to find out if people like it or if changes should be made:

• You will be developing products, from initial ideas to market test and national launches.

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test UK US /test/ noun [C]
a set of questions or practical activities that are used to measure what someone or something can do or how much someone knows about something: »

The tests showed I had excellent spatial awareness.

do/sit/take a test »

We have to take a test to get a real-estate broker's license.

pass/fail a test »

New agents have to complete an online training course and pass a test.

an act of doing something in order to discover if something is safe, works correctly, etc., or if something is present: pass/fail a test »

The minivans all failed the safety tests.

a test for sth »

The material passed rigid tests for flammability.

a test on sth »

The tests on the toys found that they had dangerously high lead levels.


If tests show infection, computer users can try anti-virus software.

a situation that shows how good, strong, etc. someone or something is: »

The ultimate test of a successful negotiation is when the agreement reached is implemented to the satisfaction of both parties.


The true test of a CEO comes during difficult times.

put sb/sth to the test — Cf. put sth to the test
See also ACID TEST RATIO(Cf. ↑acid test ratio), ALPHA TEST(Cf. ↑alpha test), APTITUDE TEST(Cf. ↑aptitude test), BETA TEST(Cf. ↑beta test), BLIND TEST(Cf. ↑blind test), EQ TEST(Cf. ↑EQ test), FIELD TEST(Cf. ↑field test), HALL TEST(Cf. ↑hall test), IQ TEST(Cf. ↑IQ test), MARKET TEST(Cf. ↑market test), MEANS TEST(Cf. ↑means test), PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST(Cf. ↑psychological test), PSYCHOMETRIC TEST(Cf. ↑psychometric test), RECOGNITION TEST(Cf. ↑recognition test)
test UK US /test/ verb
[T] to ask someone a set of questions or give them practical activities to do, in order to measure their knowledge or ability: »

We will test your strength and stamina.

test sb on sth »

We will test new taxi drivers on how well they know their way around.

[I or T] to do something in order to discover if something is safe, works correctly, etc., or if something is present: »

We test every product numerous times before it ships.


The machine kept breaking down when I tested it.

test (sth) for sth »

The company is testing for gold in the deposits.

test sth on sth/sb »

The drugs were first tested on animals.

test negative/positive (for sth) »

He tested positive for the disease.

[T] if a situation tests someone or something, it shows how good, strong, etc. they are: »

The new chief executive will quickly get a chance to test his diplomatic skills.


Investors in British information technology stocks should prepare to have their nerve tested again.

See also ALPHA TEST(Cf. ↑alpha test), BETA-TEST(Cf. ↑beta-test)

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